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Electric cryo chamber LifeCube 1 down to -85°C

Cryotherapy is a popular, effective and very safe form of therapy. The application with the LifeCube is particulary safe, as this electric cryo chamber is completely operated without nitrogen.
Using aggregates and cooled ambient air, the LifeCube 1 can reach temperatures as low as -85 degrees Celsius. This method is particularly safe for users, as there is no danger of unconsciously breathing in any exiting nitrogen.

At the same time, this process also pays off for companies since its operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower. This high-tech product from Germany is not only worthwhile for your customers, but also for your wallet.

Our customers

In the areas of fitness, health, wellness and beauty, the positive effects of whole-body cryo therapy have long been known: Numerous stars and athletes rely on the world-renowned cryotherapy in the cryo chamber. You too can attract new customers by purchasing your own LifeCube cryo chamber without nitrogen but with innovative technology and modern design.

Sports & Fitness

• Fitness studios
• Performance sports centers
• Sports clubs
• Cryo centers


• Pain centers
• Rehabilitation facilities
• Hospitals
• Physiotherapy practices


• Wellness Hotels
• Thermal baths
• Swimming pools
• Saunas


• Cosmetic studios
• Beauty clinics
• Tanning salons

Your benefits when purchasing a LifeCube cryo chamber

Cosmetic-Solution manufactures all its products in Germany and can thus guarantee a consistently great quality. But the service does not end with the production or sale of the products. We remain in close contact with our customers and are always available to help and advise.

Without nitrogen

Easy operation via App


Time saving

Large target group

Large sales potential

Made in Germany

Full service

Easy operation via App

The LifeCube cryo chamber itself can easily be controlled
with an interactive app. This way, employees can easily
view and check all relevant data on the cryo chamber as
well as the customer.

Your personal LifeCube

In addition to our standard models, individual variations are also available. We are happy to deal specifically with your personal wishes and needs and thus create a tailor-made LifeCube for you. The cryo chamber can be adapted to your individual requirements both in color and in space.

Benefits of cryotherapy

There are no reasons to fear the cold – but many to love it. Staying in the cryo chamber is not just for adventurers, but for those who want to achieve something positive for themselves and their bodies. This unusual therapy method is on the rise worldwide and meets with enthusiasm in the areas of wellness, health and fitness.

Lifecube Cryo chamber weight loss
Lifecube Cryo chamber angle of motion
Lifecube Cryo chamber happy
Lifecube Cryo chamber vitality
Lifecube Cryo chamber performance

The new Lifestyle-Generation: LifeCube impressions

To enjoy all the benefits of cryotherapy, only a short stay in our full body cryo chamber is necesseary. Approximately three minutes of application time are enough to get the first positive results. For this, users put on the provided protective clothing, enter the LifeCube and enjoy the soothing cold.

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