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Varied selection of innovative cosmetic devices

Whether you own a beauty salon, a wellness center, a fitness studio or a practice – we have devices to suit every taste: we offer our customers IPL-SHR devices for permanent hair removal and skin enhancement, cryolipolysis devices for body contouring, tattoo removal devices and electric cryo chambers for whole-body cryotherapy. Of course, all of these products have been specially developed, designed and manufactured by us. We know that customers can only be guaranteed perfect quality by a purchase directly from the manufacturer – with our products, you are always on the safe side.

Even after the purchase we remain a competent partner and offer you comprehensive device instruction, intensive service and professional maintenance.

Cryolipolysis device Cryo 4S


The CRYO 4S is one of the most advanced cryolipolysis devices on the market today, combining cold and EMS (electric muscle stimulation), making it unique not only in function and effect, but also in terms of quality and design.

• for body contouring and muscle stimulation
• combination of cold and EMS
• also available with hip plates and lymph pad

Tio Plus SHR-IPL device for permanent hair removal

TIO Plus – Standing device

The heart of our SHR-IPL-RF standing device TIO Plus is a unique technology combination for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, complementing the benefits of the proven IPL technology with the innovative SHR technology and assisting RF technology.
• for hair removal and skin improvement
• combination of IPL | SHR | RF
• for face and body regions

Tio Table SHR-IPL Gerät für dauerhafte Haarentferung

TIO Table – Mobile device

Like its big brother, the core of our SHR-IPL-RF mobile device TIO Table is a unique combination of technology for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, making it just as powerful but significantly more compact, making it perfect for mobile use.

• for hair removal and skin improvement
• combination of IPL | SHR | RF
• for face and body regions


Our one-room chamber LifeCube 1 is perfect for smaller studios as well as for private use. It is inexpensive, space-saving and energy-efficient. Since it operates completely without nitrogen, the handling is particularly easy and safe. Come and enjoy true whole body cryotherapy at -85°C with our LifeCube electric cryo chamber!

• electric cryo chamber without nitrogen
• space-saving design
• low additional costs


The one-room chamber with pre-chamber LifeCube 1+ is ideal for professional use. Thanks to the additional space, the temperatures in the main chamber are kept constant at -85°C throughout the day. This saves you both time and money and gives you the opportunity to welcome numerous customers every day. Create a new whole body cryotherapy experience with our LifeCube!

• electric cryo chamber without nitrogen
• for the areas of beauty | fitness | health
• constant temperatures of down to -85°C


The two-room chamber LifeCube 2 is perfectly suited for larger studios or clinics and can reach temperatures down to -110°C. Each cryo chamber can be perfectly tailored to your premises. Just choose your favorite color, the right dimensions and the necessary accessories and create a unique cryo chamber with our LifeCube!

• electric cryo chamber without nitrogen
• for the areas of beauty | fitness | health
• individual design options

Tao Laser Gerät Tattooentfernung

TAO Laser – Mobile device

Our TAO laser for tattoo removal is one of our latest generation devices.

As with its related devices from our TIO® series, we have again combined several technologies in this device.

• different lens attachments for the pigment depth
• for the removal of black as well as colored tattoos
• with a supporting laser for localization