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Effective Tattoo Removal: Purchase Tao Laser

Our Tao laser for tattoo removal belongs to our latest device generation. As with its related devices from our Tio series, we have again combined several technologies. Nd: YAG is a laser technology that uses high-energy infrared light. For years it has been the established technology in the medical and cosmetic field when it comes to tattoo removal. Due to the variable change of the attachments and the lenses on the handpiece, both the color to be removed and the depth of the pigment in the skin can be precisely adjusted.

Tao Laser Gerät Tattooentfernung


operation by laser light pulses with high energy infrared light
light energy acts on tattoo pigment and releases it from the skin tissue
auxiliary laser for optimum localization

Tao Laser Gerät Tattooentfernung


replaceable attachments for the laser hand piece
1064 nm tip for black and dark colors
532 nm tip for other colors
different lens attachments for the pigment depth

Tao Laser Gerät Tattooentfernung


variable setting of the laser lights energy
variable setting of the laser pulses speed
individual adjustment of the laser for each client

How does Tao Laser work?

Tao laser works with an intelligent software developed in Germany
You select the application parameters via the 10.5″ touch display
Works with laser infrared light and MULTI-NML
You only need one handpiece
You can set the parameters individually for each customer

Our service when purchsing a Tao?

Own production and workshop in Germany
Comprehensive advice
Training including certificate
Professional maintenance and repair
Various financing options with advantageous terms
2 years warranty

The advantages of our Tao Laser mobile device?

Unique combination – three technologies in one device
Extensive color independence
Efficient and cost-reduced application
Nd: YAG established technology
A fitting accessory for your tattoo studio
As an extension of the offer in your beauty salon
Easy to use
Long-term worthwhile investment
Fast amortization


We developed the Tao Laser ourselves and adapted it perfectly to the needs both for use in a tattoo studio and for use in beauty salons. In addition, we manufacture all devices completely in Germany. This is quality you can rely on. Trust our many years of experience and our know-how in the field of laser tattoo removal.

Technische Daten
Model Tao Laser
Casing Acrylic glas
Display 10,5 Inch LCD Touchscreen
Hand piece tube 2,5m long tube on hand piece: Nd:YAG,
Capacitors 2 connected in parallel
Water pump Magnetic coupling pump
Power supply unit up to 400 Watt
Weight 20 kg
Power supply ~ 230 V / 10 A / 50 HZ
Dimensions 40x42x63 cm (HxWxD)
Conformity CE
Operation parameters
Working area 1,5 m
Temperature 5~30°C
Humidity 70%
Atmospheric pressure 860~1060 hPa

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